Our Work

Partnership for Community Action



Located in Albuquerque’s South Valley, Partnership for Community Action (PCA) works to build strong, healthy communities throughout New Mexico by developing leaders in our neighborhoods and in our state. PCA sought to expand its Community Action Campus with a manufacturing facility that would host a local textile manufacturer with its own social mission at a cost of $3 million. Grow New Mexico assisted with PCA’s fund search, evaluated their finances and connected the organization with funders. When PCA pursued a $1 million grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration, Grow New Mexico helped write the application. The ultimately successful application helped leverage an additional $2 million in foundation loan and grant funding.

NACA Inspired Schools Network



Based in Albuquerque, the NACA Inspired Schools Network (NISN) supports Indigenous communities by developing schools throughout New Mexico that provide a rigorous academic curriculum aimed at college preparation while also promoting Indigenous culture, identity, and community investment. In 2018, Grow New Mexico assisted with an application for a U.S. Department of Education dissemination grant. With our support, NISN received $2.2 million over three years to develop a guide on developing and financing native schools throughout the West.

Three Sisters Kitchen



Three Sisters Kitchen is an Albuquerque-based non-profit that educates the public about food, improves health, and builds community. The organization sought Grow New Mexico’s help in creating a space where good food, diverse people, and economic opportunity come together for a healthier and more vibrant city. We provided assistance in choosing a funding source to pursue – USDA’s local food promotion program. With our knowledge of USDA programs and grant writing services, Three Sisters successfully applied for and received $287,000 in grant funding from the USDA – helping them to connect low-income food entrepreneurs with local food producers, increasing access to and consumption of local foods in Albuquerque's low income communities.